Roll On Pilfer Proof Caps (R.O.P.P. Caps) is main or mother product from which we have started our journey in packaging industry. We have immense capacity and latest machineries to produce the best quality caps in our factory. We have also being doing constant innovations and up gradations in ROPP caps which you can see in Specialty closures section. Our technical and R& D team is working all the time to develop and create new and innovative caps in most economic way. We do even develop the new sizes and moulds of caps as and when required by the customers.


Piracy and duplicity has become a global problem in today’s prospective. So to safeguard the products of our esteemed customers from duplicating it our company is constantly innovating new products with specialty features to differentiate the caps and making them hard to copy.

We have dedicated team of engineers and designers who are working on Research and Development through out the year, according to customer needs in most economic and efficient way. Some innovation done by us are as under:

Drop Stop Closures Caps with plastic Inserts Inside Printing Caps

Inside Colored Lacquering Caps Barrel type closures Center Knurling Caps


Twist-off caps are Tin lids for closing off jars containing appertized food (vegetables, pastes, preserves, condiments, etc.) and bottles of fruit juice. These caps traditionally come with the jars and bottles they close. They are used in over 15% of food packaging (vegetables, sauces and condiments, fruit juice, baby food, etc.).



Tin has several advantages as a cap material:
- Perfect leak tightness of the closure
- Stands up extremely well to sterilization
- Excellent graphic medium (a large majority of caps are printed)
- Material recyclability

Sizes available with us: 30MM,38 MM, 43MM, 53MM, 63MM, 66MM, 82MM


Crown Caps are made up of TFS Chromium coated sheets, mainly used for sealing bottles, used in beverages. Our product is a solution for contamination and duplicity. Crown caps are used for closing off drink bottles (soft drinks, beers, fruit juices) and give an excellent seal.


Crown caps have concrete advantages:
- Leak-tight closure
- Excellent graphics medium
- Material recyclability 


We are also into manufacturing of multi color metal posters or show boards having the complete facility available with us such Designing, Plate Making, and Printing. These metal posters are made up of Tin Sheets and extremely stylish and durable, which are also having a much longer life and presentation for displaying your products.

The various advantages of Metal Posters are:
Long Lasting : These metal posters have much longer life and durability than any other type of media and different type of boards. The life of the Posters varies from 6months – 5 years.
Easy to Install: Metal posters are very easy to install or display at various places. One can use the frame or can be even installed by simple Nails.
Durability: As the metal posters are made up of Tin Plates, they are very much durable and cannot be easily torn or cut-off by any means.
Quality of Printing: We use special inks and varnishes on Metal Posters which gives an exclusive and premium look to your product and have extra resistant when directly exposed to sunlight.
Effective in Rural and Highways: It is the most effective and useful way in rural areas and highways, where environment is comparatively rough and contains more dust/rough and maintenance is an big issue.


Flip off seals are mainly used in pharmaceutical industry to seals the injectables and ointments. We can supply in as many different colors as per your requirements and standards  Sizes Available: 13mm, 20mm, 32mm


Tear off seals are also used in pharmaceutical industry. We can offer colored and printed Tear off seals as per your requirements.


Sizes Available: 13MM, 20MM