Why us

Timely Deliveries

  • High speed power presses with multi cavity dyes having termendeous capacities to produce the caps. we have separate lines for the entire major sizes to ensure speed production.

  • Direct tie ups with shipping lines for different sectors to get the priorities in vessel berthing. even at the time of lcl shipments we get the priority in delivering the goods. We have a back up of every mould/dyes and spare parts to be prepared for any break downs or faults We have also given the shelter facility to our supervisors/operaters/ maintnance. so having a capacity to run our plants even 24 hours for any immediate or urgent deliveries.



  • KCPPL has done backward integration, so all the process done before cap manufacturing i.e. designing, plate making, printing, tooling all the processes are done in house, which makes us more competetive than others. KCPPL has been associated with some premium shipping lines to get the best prices. Marketing /purchasing/ production / logistics/ finance/ h.r. all the major departements are being handeled by the family members or directors of kccpl. it helps in giving personnel touch and satisfaction to our customers and suppliers too.


Quality Control

  • As we are an iso 9001:2000 certified company so we have various quality checks, standards and systems made and maintained by us. so that every cap produced in our plant is the best quality one.

  • As all the initial process are being done in our premisis only, so we have better control on every stage of processing the goods.

  • We have latest machieneries having digital sensors and counters which makes sure that every cap manufactured is as per desired quality and quantity.

  • We have different quality testing instruments and sealing machienes too to test and control the quality of caps from any deviation.